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nglish with Moja-kunシリーズ Alphabet World シリーズ / 他の教室と圧倒的な差別化を図り驚異の成果を生みます。


The very basics of learning English start with practicing aloud, cheerfully and enthusiastically. We aim to create a habit of speaking and learning English that can be used from as early on as infancy.

These things will be retained!


When studying English we always make sure to include practicing speaking aloud, as this is one of the most important habits that greatly influences the positive outcome in the acquirement of English by children.


Even children who are just beginning to learn English, can experience a rich variety of the language. This is the foremost groundbreaking feature of our unique and original materials in the "Moja-kun Series".


When learning their "ABC’s...", students will also learn the phonetic sounds "Ah, Bu, Ku..." and by doing this they will become familiar with questions like: "Which letter does the word “moon” begin with?”.

Popular and Original Materials!

Materials with an original and unique concept! Making for lessons that are completely different from any other currently available and have proved to be very popular with students, teachers and parents alike!

English with Moja-kunシリーズ イングリッシュ・ウィズ・モジャ君 / 全3バージョン幼稚園3年間をカバー家庭学習用CDあり

Using only such questions as “Do you like elephants?” and “What's this?”, can get boring.
Because of this, we try to pose more varied and more interesting questions. Ocean’s original materials were created from thoughts and feelings along these lines by our instructors.
Our groundbreaking teaching method prominently features a realization of lessons with a vibrant exchange of English.

Frequently in kindergarten classes, after teaching English words, lessons often consist of simple questions, such as: "What is this?",and "Do you like? / Don’t you like?".
However, whether the vocabulary is food, animals, or colors, ultimately children will use these same questions and answers over and over. A little boring perhaps.

What can be expected in an Ocean lesson.



Alphabet World シリーズ アルファベット・ワールド / 全3バージョン幼稚園3年間をカバー家庭学習用CDあり

Learning upper and lowercase letters of the alphabet, as well as phonics.

Children learn to read and write upper and lowercase letters, as well as individual phonics, and also two words that start with each letter. There are a total of 52 words in the Alphabet World series.
Phonics is intended to teach the letters used in English and their associated sounds.e.g. ‘a’ is read not just as ‘ay’, but also as “a”(as in apple). If the word apple is taught then the fact that it begins with “a” should also be understood by the students.