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OEC Membership is a special plan that provides special discount rates on our original
classroom materials, as well as providing classroom operation help through
free access to training videos and special supplemental classroom materials.

National OECs are automaticallyenrolled in the OEC Membership Plan.


Original Classroom Materials : Initial Purchase 50% Discount

When starting out with OEC your initial start up costs are lowered by a 50% discount on Classroom Materials for the Teacher such as textbooks, CD and flashcards. This discount applies to the firstpurchase only. Every purchase made after that has a 20% discount.

Teaching Manual and Supplemental Classroom Materials

When you are enrolled in the Membership plan you will have access to our Teaching Manual and Training Videos at any time from the Membership website. You will also have access to download Supplemental Classroom Materials free of charge from the Membership website. 

Teaching Manual 

※Renewal in

Kindergarten Class

Elementary Class

Supplemental Classroom Materials

Teaching Aids
・SuraSura Speaking Challenge – Sample PDF Available sample
・Phonics Challenge – Sample PDF Available sample
・Achievement Test – Sample PDF Available sample
・TT6 Supplement “Let’s Talk A” Conversation Exercise – Sample PDF Available sample
・TT6 Supplement “PM1 Phonics Exercise” – Sample PDF Available sample

Point : Affordable

Enrolment in the OEC Membership plan is available for a low price of ¥30,000 per year.
For a classroom with 70 students, the Membership plan pays for itself through the discounts onstudent’s Classroom Materials. On top of this, the free access to Teaching Training Resources andSupplemental Materials makes this plan an exceptional value.

Daily Support

Should you have any questions regarding our Classroom Materials or Lesson Plan trainingresources, please do not hesitate to contact us by phone or mail for a consultation.