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English conversation schools with native English speaking teachers


In Japan most foreign teachers who teach infants and children, use materials from major western publishers. During the early development stages of our own materials we discovered that for the first two years of using these kinds of materials it was possible to keep the lessons interesting when adding supplemental games and activities. However from the third year the lessons became tedious for the students who showed waning interest in games or activity formats. With constantly increasing difficulty levels, using these English materials whilst solely being taught in English resulted in situations where students could no longer understand the classes easily and consequentially disengaged.
OCEAN Materials are intended to optimally utilize the benefits of having a native teacher while eliminating stress and allowing the students to continue enjoying the lessons.


When your school uses our teaching materials, the children's English level will increase while your preparation time decreases. Teachers or staff won’t need to inform the parents after every class what their children have been taught because our textbooks show them clearly what they've learned that day.


We don't sell our teaching materials in bookstores, so other English conversation schools around your school will very unlikely be using the same textbooks, therefore guaranteeing you originality of teaching materials.