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To solve these problems, we have developed our own original speaking focused textbooks, which are easy to teach for both native and non-native English Language teachers, and easy to learn for students. Since we introduced this system, it has proved itself really popular with students and parents alike. Our teaching materials have the following distinguishing features to set us apart from other classrooms:

Features of OCEAN teaching materials


We developed our textbooks and curriculum purposefully to allow English learning through fun lessons. Students who complete our curriculum, onto 6th grade of elementary school, will be able to answer the junior high school curriculum key Q&A sets up to third grade level key.

In elementary student classes, after 5 or 6 years of studying with our system, the student will gain an understanding of English sufficient to meet the World Foundation Standard Goal for English, (roughly the ability which they need to spend a short time on an overseas home stay trip.)


When studying a foreign language, the most effective style of learning is by speaking. In Ocean lessons, kindergarten students up to grade 6 will focus greatly on speaking.

In one lesson, a student will speak at least 300 words. There are no shortcuts to gaining English proficiency, however continuously hearing a lot of English and speaking a lot of English while being in a fun environment ensures the students will inevitably learn to speak well.


At Ocean, students will learn to properly read and write typical native English vocabulary through the usage of phonics. Students who study for 4 to 5 years in an elementary student class will learn to read phonetically, and will gain the ability to write approximately 70% of the vocabulary which will be used in Junior High School textbooks.

By studying phonics early during elementary school years students will struggle less with reading and writing English vocabulary during Junior High School.


English lessons are usually held once a week. In order for the student to keep a more vivid memory of the lessons’ content, we recommend listening to the CD at home. Even though it does not take very long to listen to each lesson, significant results will be achieved in doing so.

If parents and children listen to the CD together, it can be a good way for parents to check the progress of the child.


In Ocean, during the regular lesson, we review previous lessons to see how much information the students have retained and also to check that no main points have been missed. At the end of the school year, Ocean carries out an achievement test. For the elementary classes, a supplementary challenge is also carried out geared towards memorizing key sentences which are used in the Talk Time series. Additionally, challenges are also carried out to check the student’s progress in Phonics and reading and writing abilities.

Schools within the Tokai area franchise schools, nationwide franchise schools, nationwide OEC schools, or for those schools registered in our membership plan, are offered all data free of charge.


The materials are designed to enable smooth integration into existing classes at any given time during the year. Materials for kindergarten age classes - English with Moja Kun series (3 books), Alphabet World Series (3 books), are composed of different words and expression sets but all of the books retain a similar level of difficulty.

Materials for elementary school classes – the Talk Time series (six books). In each succeeding book there are ten review lessons covering the previous year’s content.  Also, regarding the Phonics series (5 books), similar to the Talk Time series books, these books feature review parts covering the previous year’s content.

For first time students joining advanced classes, the books are created as such to solve the problems of rearranging lesson progress and enabling the students to get up to speed quickly and easily.



Ocean’s style enables fun and effective lessons without relying heavily on games and activities. By listening and speaking a great deal, the students will soon feel that, “I got what the teacher was saying!”, or “I understand what the teacher is saying.”, resulting in the building up of interest and ability to communicate in English. Whether it is a native English teacher or a Japanese English teacher, Ocean’s textbooks are easy and effective to teach from. They are structured in a simple and logical way so students can learn with ease, and also so the parents can understand with ease what their children are learning at any given time.



There are three versions of the kindergarten books with corresponding flash cards at a similar level. A different version of the books is intented to be used used per annum in rotation.


There are 6 levels of textbooks intended for Elementary students in total. From Level 2, the first third of the textbook is a review of the previous year’s materials. Elementary school students will have learned the World Standard Foundation Target by graduation.


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