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Notice Based on the Law Governing Specific Commercial Transactions

Name of Vendor OCEAN GLOBAL NETWORK Co., Ltd.
Person In Charge Isao Honda
Location / Contact 297 Minamikawacho, Nishiku, Nagoya city, 〒452-0814
tel:052-506-9077  fax:052-506-9078
E-mail Address info@ocean-gnet.com
Order way Available via E-mail, phone, and Fax
Product Name, Detail and Price Information on product page
Shipping Fees and Incidental Costs Shipping fees, transfer fee, tax.
Order expiration date None in particular.
If we are out of stock, we will notify the customer by email.
Quantity Contact us with the order form by e-mail
Product Delivery Period within 10 business days
Payment Option postal transfer / Cash On Delivery
Payment Period Within 10 days after delivered
Defective products and returns If there are discrepancies with your order or defects in the product, we will handle it by refunding your payment, conducting a return or exchange of the product, or switching to an equivalent model within 10 days of receipt of original shipment.
We will bear the shipping fees in such cases.
Furthermore, we will consult with the customer regarding the best method of returning or exchanging the product and conducting the transaction.

Notice Based on the Law Governing Specific Commercial Transactions

Handling of personal information

Regulation policy of handling personal information at OCEAN GLOBAL NETWORK Co., Ltd.

OCEAN GLOBAL NETWORK Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "the Company") considers the strict protection, prevention of leaks and appropriate management of personal information of our customers, employees and stakeholders as a very high social obligation for us in doing our main business, which is ①running English conversation schools, ②dispatching teachers and ③ the planning, development and selling of teaching materials.
For these purposes, the Company established our privacy policy, and shared the idea with our employees and will explicitly continue to enforce,improve, and maintain the policy.

1.The purpose of handling of personal information

(1) To actualize secure protection of personal information and furnish a continuous sense of security to our customers.
(2) To actualize the secure protection of personal information and furnish a continuous sense of security to our employees and stakeholders.

2.About use of personal information

The Company established the management system for personal information on how to use the personal information of customers and employees with regard to the planning, developing and selling of English teaching materials, and deals with the information adequately and carefully following our company regulations.

(1) When gathering personal information, the Company specifies the purpose of acquisition to customers and employees and obtains their consent. And the Company complies with laws, ordinances, national guidelines and other regulations regarding obtaining personal information.
(2) The Company shall not handle personal information beyond the necessity to fulfill the purpose of use without consent from the person in question.
(3) The Company shall not provide personal information to a third-party without consent from the person or persons in question except in regards (the exception) to the Personal Information Protection Law. In the event that the Company is allowed to provide or commission information to a third-party, the Company will conclude a necessary agreement with the third-party, such as a Non-Disclosure Agreement to manage the information.

3.About implementation of security measures

The Company implements safety measures, including information security measures in order to ensure the accuracy and security of personal information, and will reliably prevent unauthorized access to personal information, loss of personal information, destruction, falsification, or its leakage, etc. In addition, as a result of internal audits, when improvement is required, such as in the case of security incidents in the market or requests from customers or employees, the Company shall correct this promptly.

4.About compliance with the laws and regulations

The Company shall comply with the guidelines and regulations, as well as each of the guidelines stipulated by the country for the realization of secure personal information protection, and other related laws and regulations, including the Personal Information Protection Act

5.About ongoing efforts to maintain and improve the protection of our personal information system

The Company shall recognize the importance of protecting the personal information of the executives and employees, and establish internal rules related to personal information protection and information security, in order to provide proper protection and use of personal information, and work toward its preservation.

6.Respect for the rights of our customers and employees

The Company shall respect the rights of our customers and employees; and carefully consider not just personal information, but more widely the privacy of information in general. Also the Company shall respond as promptly as possible in the event of disclosure, correction, deletion and/or rejection of the use or offer of personal-information from customers and employees.

7.About inquiries about personal information (complaints and inquiries)

The Company shall respond by providing a consultation service for the complaints and other inquiries from our customers about the handling of personal information. Please refer to the "About personal information handling" of the Company for more information.

Enacted January 1st 2011
Representative Director Isao Honda

About Personal Information

OCEAN GLOBAL NETWORK Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "the Company") shall explain what the personal information of customers is for, how it is collected, how it is intended to be used, or shared as a privacy policy.
The Company shall handle with the utmost care for the respect of customers' privacy and the protection of personal information.
Furthermore, thank you for your understanding in advance that customers will be assumed to have agreed to this "Privacy Policy" if customers use our service.




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