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Talk Timeシリーズ Phonicsシリーズ / 小学6年生卒業時に「世界標準目標」を達成


By practicing and repeating out loud, and increasing basic English vocabulary and learning to use it smoothly and fluently, students will become proficient at English up to the“World Standard Foundation Target”level in Japan.

The following things will become familiar!


As with kindergarten students, elementary students also keep practicing English aloud. At first only short sentences are used, but as students progress, longer and longer sentences are introduced. Continuity leads to progress and progression in learning leads to fun learning.


It is almost impossible to learn English well if students only start from the time they enroll in junior high school. Meaning that students have never even heard or spoken English before that time. By starting from the elementary level, they become much more accustomed, much more early too, to both listening and speaking junior high level English.


Phonics are a method for teaching reading and writing phonetically. By spelling words when hearing them, and pronouncing words when seeing them, the initial English learning block of, “I can’t read this” and “I can’t write this”, is effectively eliminated.

Popular Original Materials and Textbooks

In aiming to provide "Fun and retainable lessons ", we were not satisfied with the existing available materials.

Talk Time シリーズ トーク・タイム / 全6レベル小学校6年間をカバー家庭学習用CDあり

We have found a way to create a solid foundation for future English learning. Lesson time can be very limited and it is all too easy for students to learn unsatisfactorily if one incorporates too many elements in such a short time.
With this in mind, we have narrowed the goals of lessons decisively to allow the foundations of English to sink in. Less is more.
Consequently, the literacy involved to support future English studies is acquired.

By practicing saying a large number of simple sentences quickly and fluently, and then increasing the number of sentences for students to master, little by little they improve and progress.
In this straightforward way, gradually the students will get closer to having a full repertoire of "English that can be used".
The Talk Time series has been made with this concept in mind. By maintaining only the really necessary elements, we have achieved in creating efficient, no-waste lessons and through this the amount of material retained has greatly increased.

General outline of a lesson:



Phonics シリーズ フォニックス / 全5レベル小学校6年間をカバー家庭学習用CDあり

At first, students start learning one letter at a time, yet after six years students will have learnt higher level phonics, including phonetic symbols.

Phonics is the basic method for learning the relationship of spelling and pronunciation. It is important for students to do their homework properly because they need to be able to recall the phonics.
There are however a lot of children who are really good at Q&A from the main conversation textbooks, even though some of them are not so good at phonics. From the point of view of improvement in English conversation, the aim of phonics learning is to improve their English literacy, and acts as preparation for the student’s future letter based study. For this reason, it is not too much of a worry if children don't learn to read the vocabulary so well.